Bengaluru has given its citizens much to be proud of. A salubrious climate, beautiful gardens, and lakes make the city a charming place. The IT industry's burgeoning success has made it the pride of the country and the envy of the world. The top-quality medical facilities available here have made the city a much sought after healthcare hub. Add to this the city's pioneering role in the biotechnology revolution, leadership in the education sector, one of the most efficient police forces in the country, a vibrant tourism industry and vast reserves of intellectual talent - the list is endless.

Much as we take pride in the virtues of Bengaluru, its phenomenal growth has given rise to formidable challenges. The city's success has made it a magnet for people from all over the state, the country, and indeed the world. And, this has created a strain on all the facilities that we - as citizens - have come to enjoy and expect: infrastructure, transport system, power supply, sewage system, environment, law & order, healthcare facilities, social and cultural amity.

Governance and management of such a growing city is not just the responsibility of elected officials but also of each of its citizens. It is very important for the people of the city to play a role in transforming Bengaluru to the extent that it has the potential to be on par with the metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities in other parts of the world.

Growing out of the dedicated and creative pursuits of Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar - Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), the Namma Bengaluru Foundation is an organization working towards making Bengaluru a model city, be it in terms of well planned infrastructure, well laid out neighborhood community models, or its people-driven governance measures. Namma Bengaluru Foundation aims to be the voice of the people; a voice that needs to be heard in order for Bengaluru to become a truly Global City.