A citizen’s movement to a Corruption-Free and Transparently-Governed Bengaluru.

What is the #BigBengaluruFight?

Bengaluru has over several years, declined into urban chaos, resultant of the declined in the standards of Governance. Corruption through the abuse of entrusted power for private gain and unfettered administrative discretion is destroying Bengaluru. It has denied the people of our city their basic rights, it has had devastating consequences on city services and it undermines the prospect of a better life for Bengalureans.

Nothing feeds corruption more than apathy or the belief that “nothing can be done”. This inaction creates an environment for corruption to flourish-it has allowed the corrupt to get away with it. But not for long. There is compelling and over whelming evidence that citizens of Bengaluru have had enough and want to take action to reclaim our city. This is the essence of the Big Bengaluru Fight.

The Big Bengaluru Fight is an effort to empower and partner with the citizens of Bengaluru in a movement to eradicate corruption and make accountable the people, under whom this corruption flourishes.

It is an effort to clean up city governance and usher in transparency in the functioning of Government.

At a time when our city is lacking funds to fix urban problems and crores of money is required to provide basic city services to the citizens of Bengaluru, land worth crores is being plundered by vested interests and this is unacceptable. The crux of the matter is that the misuse of land in Bengaluru is fuelling corrupt politics.

Worse, legislations like the Akrama Sakrama compound and encourage the misuse of land, further pandering to the vested interests that rule the city and extending this culture of corruption.

In essence, while the Government allows illegalities and the misuse of land to flourish, it adds insult to injury by legalizing these illegalities that have, in the first place, been created with the active patronage of those in government.

The Big Bengaluru Fight seeks the active involvement of Bengalureans in the fight towards reclaiming the city by addressing the key issues- the failure of Government, takeover of planning and development by vested interests at the cost of millions of Bengalureans, the decline of our neighborhoods and to push for reforming and changing the Government and the way agencies work – from exploiting the city to serving the city’s citizens.

The Big Bengaluru Fight seeks to expose city issues and reclaim city governance, through mobilizing like- minded NGOs and engaging citizens by partnering with the media and seeking judicial intervention, if necessary.