Volunteer with us. Let’s fight to end corruption and ensure a better Bengaluru.

Are you a ‪‎Bengalurean willing to contribute your time over the next few days to serve our city & spread the word about the ‪BBMP Elections 2015? The upcoming ‪BBMP Elections 2015 on July 28th, are a turning point – one where our vote can help build a well-governed, citizen-centric city. These ‎elections are an important step in the quest for good, clean Government that we deserve. If we, as citizens, don’t respond now, the city will descend into an urban chaos of rampant corruption & negligence. Ironically, BBMP elections which is the most important one for our daily lives is the one where least of us vote, with turnouts as low as 40-43%.

So, if you are a Bengalurean who is interested in serving the cause of our city, join Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP & team as a volunteer for your ward, encourage your family, your neighbourhoods, your friends, & other residents to vote & participate in the upcoming BBMP elections. Fill in your details to be a volunteer!

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