Unrelenting pressure on public servants who demonstrate conflicts of interest in the disposal of public assets- We demand a Code of Conduct for elected representatives and bureaucrats

To put an end to this form of brazen exploitation & this phenomenon of political entrepreneurship that lies at the root of corruption in our city , there is an immediate need to ensure a transparent approach which makes it impossible for government or individuals in government to undertake any contracts without disclosing them to the public. Rajeev Chandrasekhar have been advocating the need for a Code of Conduct amongst elected representatives and bureaucrats to remove any scope for conflict of interest i.e prohibiting them from seeking private profit while performing their public duty. MLAs and Ministers must disclose any links, interests, and connections whether direct or otherwise with any firms in consideration for bidding or awarding of contracts before any public contracts are taken up. There must simultaneously be unrelenting public pressure from us citizens on any public servants who demonstrate conflicts of interest in the disposal of public assets. It should be illegal and criminal for those in public life or government to benefit from the government contracts or any public assets!

Our city needs a complete culture of disclosures and transparency that makes it impossible for Government to undertake any contracts without significant public disclosure. Elected Representatives and bureaucrats must have a code of conduct to disclose all conflicts of interest. The Namma Bengaluru Foundation seeks to initiate efforts to ensure public disclosure of business interests of all elected representatives and bureaucrats

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