Bring Officials to Book : Seeking Sanction of Prosecution of the BBMP Commissioner

The Namma Bengaluru Foundation and Bengaluru Residents’ Associations’ Confederation Ensemble (BRACE) are spearheading a fight to seek the Sanction for Prosecution of the BBMP Commissioner, who on several occasions has misused administrative discretion to allow commercial development in residential areas.

In a clear indication that citizens will not allow destruction of their neighbourhood by vested commercial interests and will fight back to reclaim their city, various citizens groups supported by Member of Parliament, Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s Namma Bengaluru Foundation-BRACE have sought sanction of prosecution of BBMP Commissioner Lakshmi Narayana for illegally giving permission for commercial establishments in residential areas in direct contravention of the RMP 2015 and Affidavit filed in the Karnataka High Court.

The residents have charged the BBMP Commissioner of personally intervening and directing his officials to issue trade licenses with a view to benefit commercial and construction interests without regard to the interests of residents of the city, negating the efforts of the citizens of Bengaluru, over a number of years, to pursue better urban development and city planning.

Know more about why we seek to prosecute the BBMP Commissioner:

Responding to a Public Interest Litigation on the Bangalore revised Master Plan 2015 , the BDA Commissioner had, in February 2014 filed an affidavit before the Karnataka High Court stating that no commercial activity will be allowed in residential main and residential mixed zone if abutting roads are 40 ft or less in width. Basis this, the Commissioner of the BBMP, as a licensing authority for all buildings in the city, is required to consider the land use for relevant area to ensure conformity with the RMP 2015 before granting licenses. Despite this, the Commissioner is said to have continued to permit the establishment of commercial concerns in the city’s residential areas in contravention to the RMP 2015. In the case of a commercial establishment in the Koramangala area, the complainants noted that the BBMP Commissioner had personally intervened to ensure a trade license was issued. The Namma Bengaluru Foundation and RWAs claim that the BBMP Commissioner had permitted and encouraged illegal establishments, using administrative discretion to benefit to vested interests and without regard to the interests of citizens. The failure to take action by, the BBMP Commissioner, go squarely against the law of the land and the interests of the residents of Bangalore. These actions and selective inaction on the part of the BBMP Commissioner, have negated the efforts made by the citizens of Bangalore over a number of years to pursue better urban development and city planning.

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